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pretty_letters's Journal

Send A Pretty Letter To Your NEW Pen-Pal!!!!
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This is a community for people that like creating or receiving mail that is unique. Do you like getting pretty mail instead of bills/junk in the mail? If so, this is for you! Get some great friends who also like pretty mail! So join up!! Just remember when you join, please fill out the survey A.S.A.P.

Astrological Sign:
Taken or Single:
Career or Future Career:
Main interests:
Favorite music:
Favorite books:
Favorite movies:
Favorite TV show/movie's:
Favorite Animal(s):
Describe your ideal penpal:
What age do you want them to be?
What sex do you want them to be?
Anything you would like to add:
*Post a picture (if you can)*

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findapenpal--Findapenpal is a great penpalling group. It has a lot of pen-pals who would like more pen-pals!
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